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What Is Base Coat And Top Coat For Nails?

What Is Base Coat And Top Coat For Nails?

What Is Base coat?

Base coats nourish the nail. A base coat works as your nail’s protective layer and can keep polishes from staining the nail, A good base coat formula is

loaded with nail conditioners, moisturizers, vitamins, and minerals.

In addition, the base coat creates a smooth surface for the polish and helps the polish adhere strongly to the nail.

What Does A Base Coat Nail Polish Do?

1- Nourish Your Nails

Base coats not only help to repair fragile and damaged nails but also helps to moisturize and promote healthy and strong nails because they contain nutrients such as protein and vitamins.

2- Makes Your Gel Polish Adhere Firmly

The main function of the base coat is to make your gel nail polish adhere firmly to your nail plate. that can prevent flaking and chipping.

3- Prevent Your Natural Nails

Base coat Is like a dense buffer layer that prevents the pigments in your nail polish from reaching your nail plate and thus prevents them from being stained.

4- Makes Your Nail Polish Flexible

Base coats can help to reinforce your nails and not allow them to break or chip easily.

5– Cover Over any Cracks and Damages.

When your nails are damaged and filled with cracks and ridges, your nail polish won’t look smooth and even.

Base Coat can help to solve this problem by filling these ridges and allowing your nail polish to look smooth and even.

6- Can Make Removal Easier

Base coats that can allow you to remove your nail polish easily

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What Is Top Coat?

The top coat boosts shine and adds protection. Because it seals the color, top coat shields the polish from chipping or fading. It can add major shine or

offer fun finishes such as glitter or matte.

What Does a Top Coat Nail Polish Do?

1- Creating a tough hardened layer over your nail polish protecting it from being easily scratched and damaged.

2- Keeping water from getting into direct contact with your nail polish. Excess exposure to water can speed up the rate at which your nail polish peel.

3- Add a Glossy Sheen to Your Nail Polish. The matte top coats won’t give you that if you don’t want a glossy effect and it also will protect your nails.

4- Prevents Your Nail Polish From Being Stained Easily. This is because they form a solid and smooth layer which makes it harder for stains to stick onto.


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