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Is Polygel less damaging than acrylic?

Is Polygel less damaging than acrylic? In order to understand this problem, we can understand it from four aspects. what are polygel and acrylic. And The

pros and cons of polygel or acrylic.

What are polygel nails?

glitter polygel

Polygel nails are a hybrid nail-enhancement formula that gives you the best parts of liquid and powder acrylics, plus LED hard gels.

Polygel can be applied as an overlay on your natural nails, or as a nail enhancement. It is still cured under a UV light, but it is a lot lighter than both gel

and acrylic nails. It also has a much lighter fragrance, which is great for people that like the look of acrylics but can’t stand the smell!

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Polygel nails pros and cons?

What are the cons of polygel nails?

  1. It is not that easy to find a nail salon for polygel due to it’s an new product.

2. Available Online ONLY. Another downfall is the fact the only location you can buy the product from is online.

3. While polygel has many positive qualities the few downfalls come down to the price and location.

What are the pros of polygel nails?

1. Extremely light. With acrylics, they were averagely light, but with polygel you can’t feel a difference in weight. The product itself if thick, but as you cure

it in a LED lamp it becomes very airly while keeping its strength.

2. Extremely Durable/Flexible. While it is light, the strength and durability/flexibility is even more present than acrylics. You can bend them slightly,

accidentally jam them or even smash them. They will remain strong as long as they were properly applied.

3. The formula has a pleasant scented odor instead of a bad smell like acrylics which may cause headaches to some people. They contain all-natural

ingredients, no harsh chemicals added, non-toxic. It’s a safer way to extend your nail.

4. They can be used to extend your nails or just overlays, both for professional use and friendly for beginners.

5. Gel polish and other nail decorations can be applied on polygel as well. So you can do various nail designs with your creativity.

6. They have a lot of colors and styles that can choose from. Such as crystal polygel, thermal color changing polygel, glitter polygel, glow in the dark

polygel and etc.

7. They cure fast under a harmless LED or UV light.Polygel requires you to have an LED lamp that with harden the product, otherwise the product will

remain wet and pliable.

8.They can be easily filed off with a nail file and buffer, which means less harm than gel polish and acrylics that need to be soaked off with acetone.

9.Rather than weakening your nails like acrylics do, polygel protects them. It is a saver for people who have really soft nails and those who usually bits and

peel their nails.

What are acrylic nails?

acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are nail enhancements made by combining a liquid acrylic product with a powdered acrylic product.

The two products (known as a monomer and a polymer, respectively) together form a soft ball that can be fashioned into a nail shape. Once a nail

technician applies this acrylic to a client’s nails, the material hardens and becomes much stronger. And then it can be buffed and filed to the customer’s


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Acrylic nails pros and cons?

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So, you now have your own answer, Is Polygel less damaging than acrylic? Right?If you ask me, I will give you a definite answer. Of course, you can have

your own answer according to your actual situation.

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