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How To Apply Polygel On Natural Nails?

How To Apply Polygel On Natural Nails? Is It Difficult To Operate? And What Do You Need For Polygel Nails At Home? Let Us Learn It.

What Do You Need For Polygel Nails At Home?

1.Polygel quick builder nail gel,

2.nail file,

3.two-headed Polygel tool for application,

4.dual forms for nails,(or paper form and nail tips)

5.UV or LED Lamp,(Preferably greater than 36W)

6.Slip Solution or rubbing alcohol,

7.Polygel Base and Top Coat.

8.(optional: cuticle clipper, nail drill)

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How To Apply Polygel On Natural Nails?

Step 1:

At first, you have to prepare your nails. You can start by pushing your cuticles. With the pointed end of the cuticle, scrape any dead tissue.

Step 2:

Then trim your nails. Use the nail filer to clean your nails.You can use 75-90% rubbing alcohol to remove any bacteria or oils from your nails.

Step 3:

Then you have to apply a thin layer of Base Coat to each nail.Keep your hand under the lamp.

Step 4:

The next move is to choose the proper set of dual forms for each of your ten nails. The dual shape should be slightly larger than the real nail.

Step 5:

Now pick the tube and take a small amount of gel. Put it inside the nail lines using the two-sided poly gel tool.

Then use the slip solution or rubbing alcohol to dip the brush. It will prevent the gel from sticking with the brush.

Now start brushing the gel inside the nail form. You need to brush in such a way that the cuticle side gets thinner and the edge gets thicker.

Don’t forget to cover the sides of the nail form with the gel.

Step 6:

Now take the nail form and place it at a 45-degree angle on the cuticle. And lightly press it to the nail.

If any gel has squeezed at the sides, then wipe it with the wet brush.

Step 7:

Next, you need to flip the nail and make sure the evenness of the gel at the bottom. Quickly cure your nail for 60 seconds under the UV lamp.

Step 8:

Then you can easily pop off the nail form.If you notice any unevenness at the edge and cuticle, file them. Carry on filing until you get the shape you


Step 9:

After that, remove the dust on the nails using a brush or lint-free cloth.

Step 10:

The next step is applying Top Coat and curing it for 60 seconds. Finally, wipe your nail with a lint-free cloth and slip solution.

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