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How Long Do Polygel Nails Last?

How long do polygel nails last may vary depending upon the quality of polygel, application method, care, etc.

Having said that, PolyGel nails typically last between three and four weeks, with an average time being about 21 days. But If you’re not careful with your

nails, you can expect them to last days rather than weeks.

Maybe you also want to know these questions:

What Is Polygel?

Polygel is a kind of gel applied after a base coat, led or UV lamp cure is needed, and topcoat as well.

It is a product that combined the positive aspects of acrylics and gel polish and leaving out all of their bad aspects.

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Factors That Influence How Long Polygel Lasts :

1. Quality of the PolyGel,

2. the health of your own nails

3. your lifestyle and how much you use your hands.

4. Technology and Quality of polygel nail extension.

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How To Make Polygel Nails Last Longer?

1.Before applying the base coat, be sure to remove extra horniness and dust from the nail surface.Push back and align your cuticles,Use a medium grit nail

file to file your nails.And then wipe your nails with either acetone or rubbing alcohol.

2.In the process of manicure, make sure that the nail glue has been dry, and then brush another layer.

3.Use a Nail Primer and a Dehydrator.Once your nails have been prepped apply a coat of the dehydrator on each of your nails and then apply a coat of the

nail primer.

4. Use a Gel Base and Top Coat.It is necessary to do polygel nail kit.

5.Don’t Use too Much Slip Solution

6. Invest in a Good Brand of Polygel. The quality of the PolyGel, is very important.

7.Avoid Exposing your Polygel Nails to Harsh Chemicals.

8.Find a professional manicurist to do polygel nail extension. Nail art skills and experience are also very important.

9.The time of cure under the lamp should be sufficient

10.After getting your nails done, try not to use your fingernails to open cans, LIDS, nutshells, or other hard objects to keep the nail from wearing away.

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