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Can You Put Gel Polish Over Polygel?

Can you put gel polish over PolyGel? of course, To understand this question, first, you should know what is polygel?

What is polygel?

glitter polygel

Polygel nails are a new type of gel formula.It can be applied as an overlay on your natural nails, or as a nail enhancement. It is still cured under UV light or

LED Lamp, but it is a lot lighter than both gel and acrylic nails, it has a much lighter fragrance.

Polygel is the texture of a paste you can pat it into shape with your brush and it will hold its shape. Unlike acrylic nail extensions, Polygel won’t harden or

cure with exposure to the air. This means you can take your time in sculpting your nails and then cure them under an LED or UV lamp.

Can you put gel polish over Polygel?

Yes. You can use any gel polish you wish.

You can think of polygel as false nails, you can apply any color gel polish you want. Of course, polygel itself has many colors(our polygel has up to 18

different colors), so you don’t need to add gel polish, but adding gel polish can make your nails look more natural.Just be sure to put a clear coat on and

let it dry completely before you apply a color coat.

Then you can add any designs you want, follow it up with a clear coat at the end to seal either the color coat or the designs, it will also help to make the

polish last longer.

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